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изображение кирпичной стены Свято-Владимирский приход начал кампанию по сбору средств для постройки или покупки собственного храма. Присоединяйтесь! Информация и спонсорские формы.


изображение иконы Казанской Божией Матери Что же это такое — Православная церковь?


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фотография настоятеля храма о. Владимира (Тобина) Обращение настоятеля храма о. Владимира (Тобина). «Мы надеемся, что наш сайт поможет вам больше узнать о Православии в Галифаксе.»

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Суббота: 18:00 Вечерня

Воскресенье: 10:00 Часы и Божественная Литургия

изображение календаря См. расписание богослужений, праздники, события приходской жизни в нашем онлайновом календаре.

Расписание служб Великого Поста (PDF)


May 21, 2016

Christ is Risen! ... Indeed He is Risen!

Sat May 21: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun May 22: Hours, Liturgy, coffee hour 10 am

Thank you to all who made the services of Holy Week and Pascha possible: our priests, subdeacons, choir, and all those who helped with clean up, set up and decorating. It's a lot of work. Thanks also to Olha and all the kids in Sunday School who dyed eggs to give out.

Thank you as well to all who helped with the takedown, packing and transporting of the items that St Antonios parish has been so kind to give us. Appreciation is also due to those that provided our workers with lunch.

Message from Fr. Vladimir about the wildfire in Ft McMurray

By now we are all aware of the terrible catastrophe which has struck our brothers and sisters in Alberta. The wild fires in and around Fort McMurray are raging and continuing to spread. Thousands of people have lost their homes and everything which they had. Countless numbers have been forced to flee, the flight itself being very dangerous. Many will have absolutely nothing to return to when this horror finally ends. And what will be the cost in human life? The overall impact of this catastrophe cannot be measured in any terms.

Surely we cannot say that it is not our concern, although I know that somewhere there will be those who will think that very thing. There is a simple answer to this situation, although this answer can never come close to undoing all the damage that has been done. The answer is this: Christ is Risen and has brought the Kingdom of G-d as a reality into our lives. Christ's Resurrection has transformed all of us, even though we may not be aware of it. The greatest indication of Christ's transforming power is the degree of the love and compassion He has increased in us. Now we have the duty - not only the duty - but rather the privilege of reaching out to those who have been so strongly affected by this terrible event. We must be ready at this time to come forward with the greatest response we can give.

Even the smallest of donations will be of help, but let us be careful not to stop there. So often people will say, "It is not the amount of the gift that matters; it is the thought." That, of course is true, and so we must see to it that the thought is in proportion to what Christ has done in and for us and in proportion to the creative and supportive love of G-d. I ask you all, please do not skimp, but give to the best of your ability to help our fellow human beings, our fellow Christians, and brothers and sisters in the Risen Christ. We all have enjoyed G-d's blessings. Now it is time for us to increase those blessings to others, and in so doing we will bring more blessings and joy into our own hearts.

Money will be needed in Alberta for a long time, so there is no need to be hasty. Let each one of us think, consider, and - most importantly - pray, so that we may determine the extent to which we can help. And when we do decide, let us not satisfy our selves by giving a small token amount. Please, open your hearts and give generously, in compassion, love, and in the presence of the Risen Christ.

Let us set aside three weeks from this weekend. At that time - or before - please give your offerings to St. Vladimir's, clearly marked for the wildfire disaster, and the donations will be forwarded to an appropriate destination.

Bookkeeper needed: Our parish needs a bookkeeper. No previous experience necessary. If you can help with this important task, please speak to Reuben.

St.Vladimir Orthodox Church, 625 Purcell's Cove Road, Halifax NS, (902) 982-3759

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