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изображение кирпичной стены Свято-Владимирский приход начал кампанию по сбору средств для постройки или покупки собственного храма. Присоединяйтесь! Информация и спонсорские формы.


изображение иконы Казанской Божией Матери Что же это такое — Православная церковь?


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фотография настоятеля храма о. Владимира (Тобина) Обращение настоятеля храма о. Владимира (Тобина). «Мы надеемся, что наш сайт поможет вам больше узнать о Православии в Галифаксе.»

Расписание служб

Суббота: 18:00 Вечерня

Воскресенье: 10:00 Часы и Божественная Литургия

изображение календаря См. расписание богослужений, праздники, события приходской жизни в нашем онлайновом календаре.

Расписание служб Великого Поста (PDF)


July 24, 2015

Sat July 18: Readers Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun July 19: Celebration of the feast of St. Vladimir of Kiev, our patron saint. Hours, Liturgy and potluck picnic, 10:30am at Fr. Vladimir's house chapel in Pinehurst, just outside of New Germany.

Address: 3448 Highway 10. Take Hwy 103 towards Yarmouth, exit 12 (Bridgewater), turn right onto Highway 10 to New Germany. Fr Vladimir's house is exactly 15 kms from the exit. You will pass a sign for Pinehurst, the speed limit will drop to 70, just past that point you'll see a cemetery and a white house. The entrance to the driveway is before the cemetery and there is a small church directly across the street. If you require a ride, please contact and he'll try to find you a lift.

Help Needed: We need a few strong arms to finish cleaning the basement closet where our new bathroom will be built:

  • move the barbeque outside to the back of the building
  • move glass blocks from the left corner of the closet to some other safe place in the furnace area where they can be reached if needed
  • remove old pieces of wood and plywood from the left side of the closet
  • remove large pieces of plywood used for elevated flooring in the closet

Anything rotten, moldy or unusable should be bagged (in clear bags!) and taken outside nex to the front steps. We will ask parish members to pick up a few bags for the curb collection. There is a box of clear bags on a shelf in the closet.

The stuff next to the closet door (cleaning tools and a shelf with supplies) can remain untouched, everything at the back of the closet should be emptied completely).

If someone could come an hour earlier before tomorrow vespers to do it it would be great! We are planning to build a bathroom in this closet in August. Please let Alina () know if you can.

We are looking for a carpenter who could build a small washroom inside the unfinished closet in the basement of our church to install a composting toilet there. If you have someone in mind (a friend, relative or any contractor you worked with before) who could be interested in such a project for this summer please ask them to contact us at .

St.Vladimir Orthodox Church, 629 Purcell's Cove Road, Halifax NS, (902) 982-3759

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