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April 24, 2015

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

As we continue to celebrate Pascha, here's what's happening this weekend:

Sunday of the Myrrhbearers
Sat Apr 25: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Apr 26: Hours and Liturgy followed by coffee hour 10:00 am

Please note that after liturgy there will be a pannykhida for the Ethiopian Christians recently martyred in Libya.

For those who can make it, the Ethiopian church in Halifax is holding a memorial service for the new martyrs:

Sunday, April 26
1pm (to last one hour)
797 Prospect Road, Goodwood, NS
(It's not too far from the rotary; about 20 minutes' drive from our church.)

For more on this tragedy, visit

Our friend, Orest Ulan, after a long and valiant fight against cancer, fell asleep in the Lord yesterday morning. Please pray for his repose and for the comfort of his family and friends during their time of grief. As we celebrate Pascha, the feast of feasts, we remember that our Lord has conquered death.

With the saints give rest,
O Christ, to the soul of Thy servant,
Where there is neither sickness and sorrow,
and no more sighing, but life everlasting.

Memory Eternal!

Fundraiser for QEII: David Langstroth, St. Vladimir's neighbour on Purcells Cove Rd, is hosting (or his quintet is hosting) a fundraiser at Rebecca Cohn on May 13. 2015. His wife, Tasha, has cancer, and the money raised will go to the Sunshine Room at the QEII. The fundraising event promises a lineup of very impressive musicians and fun music. More information about the event is available here:

Civic Calendar with Service Schedule

Year 2015
 Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun 
Vespers (Lazarus) 6:00pm
Lazarus Saturday
Hours, Liturgy, General Panikhida 10:30am
Vigil of Palm Sunday 6:00pm
Palm Sunday
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am
Bridegroom Matins 6:30pm
Great and Holy Monday
Service of the Eve of Annunciation 6:30pm
Annunciation / Great and Holy Tuesday
Vesperal Liturgy 6:30pm
Great and Holy Wednesday
Holy Anointing 7:00pm
Great and Holy Thursday
Hours, Liturgy of the Last Supper 10:30am
The 12 Passion Gospels 7:00pm
Great and Holy Friday
Vespers (Deposition from the Cross) 2:00pm
Epitaphios 7:00pm
Great and Holy Saturday
Burial Canon of Great Saturday, Matins of the Resurrection, Liturgy, Blessing of Food, Parish potluck 11:00pm
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am

Sundays and major feasts are in red. Fast days are shaded.

April 16, 2015

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

We hope you're all having a joyous Bright Week. Here is what's happening this weekend:

Sunday of St. Thomas
Sat Apr 18: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Apr 19: Hours and Liturgy followed by coffee hour 10:00 am

Thank you: Organizing things for Holy Week and Pascha takes a lot of work. Thank you to our clergy, choir, those who helped with clean up and set up, arranged the flowers, organized the potluck and those who contributed food! We appreciate all the work you did.

Apr 3, 29, 2015

Service Schedule for remainder of Lent and Holy Week

Fri., Apr. 3

6:00 p.m.: Vespers (Lazarus)

Sat., Apr. 4, Lazarus Saturday

10:30 a.m.: Liturgy of St John Chrysostom & General Panikhida

6:00 p.m.: Vigil of Palm Sunday

Sun., Apr. 5, Palm Sunday

10:00 a.m.: Hours, Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

6:30 p.m.: Bridegroom Matins

Mon., Apr. 6

6:30 p.m.: Service of the Eve of Annunciation


6:30 p.m.: Vesperal Liturgy of Annunciation

Wed., Apr. 8

7:00 p.m.: Service of Anointing

Thur., Apr. 9, Commemoration of Last Supper

10:30 a.m.: Hours and Liturgy

7:00 p.m.: The Twelve Passion Gospels

Fri., Apr. 10, Great and Holy Friday

2:00 p.m.: Vespers

7:00 p.m.: Epitaphios

Sat., Apr. 11


ПТ, 3 апреля

18:00 – Великая Вечерня (прав. Лазаря)

СБ, 4 апреля, Лазарева суббота

10:30 – Литургия св. Иоанна Златоуста и общая панихида

18:00 – Всенощное бдение (Вербное воскресенье)

ВС, 5 апреля, Вход Господень в Иерусалим (Вербное воскресенье)

10:00 – Часы, Божественная Литургия св. Иоанна Златоуста

18:30 – утреня («Се жених грядет в полунощи»)

ПН, 14 апреля

18:30 – Служба в канун Благовещения


18:30 – Вечерняя литургия, Благовещение

СР, 8 апреля

19:00 – Служба соборования

ЧТ, 9 апреля, Воспоминание Тайной Вечери

10:30 – Часы, Божественная Литургия

19:00 – Служба двенадцати Евангелий

ПТ, 10 апреля, Великая Пятница

14:00 – Великая Вечерня (вынос Плащаницы)

19:00 – Погребение

СБ, 11 апреля


There will be a potluck meal after the Paschal service, please bring a contribution.

March 29, 2015

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

Sun Mar 29: Many of you are digging out and perhaps choosing to stay home to due road conditions. Reuben is at church now digging out the driveway, however, only a small part of the parking lot will be clear as the plow hasn't yet come. There will not be liturgy this morning, but Reuben will read typika. If you do venture out, please be careful.

Wed Mar 25: Canon of Repentance of St. Andrew of Crete 6:00
Fri Mar 27: complete Akathist Hymn 6:00
Sat Mar 28: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Mar 29: Typika, coffee hour

March 21, 2015

Sunday of St. John Climacus

Due to the weather forecast for this weekend, Fr Vladimir will not be travelling to Halifax. Please take note of the following changes:

Sat Mar 21: Readers Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Mar 22: CANCELLED (if conditions permit, you are encouraged to attend one of the other parishes to receive the Eucharist)
Monday Mar 23: Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts 6:00 pm

March 12, 2015

We're expecting a snowstorm starting Saturday overnight continuing into Sunday, therefore the schedule for this weekend will now be as follows:

Sunday of the Cross
Sat Mar 14: Veneration of the Cross and Liturgy 2:30 pm

March 6, 2015

Fri Mar 6: Presanctified Gifts 6:00 pm. Please attend if you can. This liturgy is meant to strengthen us as we go through the fast.

Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas:
Sat Mar 7: Vespers 6:00 pm. NOTE: Clocks go forward one hour this evening
Sun Mar 8: Hours, Liturgy followed by coffee hour 10:30 am

Don't forget that clocks go forward an hour Sat night, and Sunday services will begin at 10:30.

Fr. Matthew Baker: Giving to others in need should be a part of our fasting discipline. If we look around, we can easily see many in need. On the Orthodox Church of America website, news has been posted that Fr. Matthew Baker, a priest of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in the US, was killed in a car accident returning home after celebrating Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers. He leaves behind Presvytera Katherine and 6 young children. A collection is set up to assist Fr. Matthew's family. Let us all pray for the repose of Fr. Matthew and pray for his family in their time of need. May Fr. Matthew's memory be eternal!

February 27, 2015

1st Sunday of Lent - Sunday of Orthodoxy
Sat Feb 28: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Mar 1: Hours, Liturgy followed by coffee hour 10:00 am

Confessions: A confession during Lent is required to be able to partake of communion at Pascha. Early confessions are encouraged. Please contact Fr Vladimir to schedule a time. Note that you should contact Fr Vladimir by Friday evening if you wish to schedule a confession before Sat Vespers, as he will be travelling to Halifax during the day on Sat and will not be checking messages.

February 21, 2015

Due to road conditions outside of Halifax, Fr Vladimir will not be travelling, therefore we will have readers services this weekend. (Note to bakers - no prosphora needed.)

Forgiveness Sunday (start of Lent)
Sat Feb 21: Readers Services 6:00 pm
Sun Feb 22: Hours, Typika, Forgiveness Sunday Vespers 10:00 am

Please come if you can, but check road conditions in your area before travelling Sunday morning to be safe.

Nightly Mon-Thurs (Feb 23-26) at 6:00 pm: Small Compline with the Canon of Repentance of St. Andrew of Crete. Please attend these important services if you can.

For other services in Lent, please refer to the Great Lent schedule.

Please note: Special service Sat Feb 21

7:30-8:30 pm: The Coptic Church of St. Mena (167 Willett Street, Halifax, NS B3M 3L6) is holding a memorial service for the Twenty-One Egyptian Christians killed in Libya last week (see Everyone is invited!

A note from Father Vladimir about this tragic event: The Coptic tradition is one of the oldest and most beautiful expressions of Christianity. The tradiiton holds that St. Mark was the evangelist to bring the Gospel to Egypt, and Egypt, at that time oppressed by the Roman yoke, joyfully welcomed the message of freedom and peace promised by the Gospel. The Gospel fell on very fertile soil in Egypt, for the Egyptians had behind them the rich mystical spiritual tradition of three millenia and in that soil Christian spirituality bloomed and blossomed. Some of the greatest Christian saints came out of the Coptic Church - St. Athanasius, St. Mary of Egypt, Thais of Alexandria, St. Anthony the great, and countless others.

But no matter how blessed and faithful a Christian community may be, it will not be free from persecution and trials. In II Timothy 3:12, the Apostle warns us that "all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." Such words could have been spoken directly to our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters, for persecution has been a hallmark of the Coptic Church. Ever since the Muslim conquest of Egypt, Coptic Christians have been the target if torture and persecution. Even in the "civilized" and more enlightened world of the twenty-first century, bitter and savage persecution has not ceased in Egypt. The recent martyrdom of the twenty-one Coptic Christians in Libya is yet another example of the sufferings which have befallen the Coptic Church.

To make the martyrdom of these Copts even more bitter, the president of the United States has blatantly denied that these men died because of their faith. Barak Obama has referred to them merely as "citizens", purposely avoiding any reference to their Christian faith and thereby depriving them of the crown of martyrdom. Despite the anti-Christian attitudes of the world, we recognize these men as Christians who have been tortured and martyred because of their faith in Christ. At the same time, let us give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ who has given them the strength to bear their martyrdom, to triumph in their faith, and enter into the glory of the eternal Kingdom.

With all the saints and martyrs, may these twenty-one martyrs have Eternal Memory.

February 14, 2015

Winter strikes again. As the forecast tomorrow is calling for 20-40 cm of snow over the course of the morning, travel is expected to be difficult. Services are therefore cancelled for Sunday, February 15. Prosphora bakers: please take note.

Vespers is still on for Saturday at 6:00 pm We'll have readers Vespers followed by small Compline with the Canon for the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord. This will be around the same duration as a regular Vespers service. Please come if you can to celebrate this great feast.

February 7, 2015

As many roads outside of Halifax still are ice covered, Fr. Vladimir won't be coming this weekend.

Sat Feb 7: Readers Vespers 6:00pm
Sun Feb 8: Readers Services - Hours and Typika - at 10:00am. This service lasts approximately an hour. We're then have coffee hour.

January 31, 2015

Due to road conditions and the ongoing freezing rain warning in Lunenburg County, Fr Vladimir will not be travelling to Halifax this weekend.

Sat Jan 31: Vespers is cancelled
Sun Feb 1: Readers Services - Hours and Typika - at 10:00. This service lasts approximately an hour. We're then have coffee hour.

January 24, 2015

Bishop's visit: A big thank you to all who helped make last weekend run smoothly - those who cleaned and set things up both for services and meals, chauffering our visitors, and other tasks. Thank you!!

Sat Jan 24: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Jan 25: Hours and Liturgy followed by coffee hour 10:00 am

Reminder - during winter, keep an eye on the weather and your emails in case of last-minute changes due to storms.

January 16, 2015

Dear Parishioners!

This weekend His Grace Bishop Ire'ne'e of Ottawa and All Canada is coming for an arch-pastoral visit to Halifax. We invite you to our services:

Sat, January 17, 2015

6:00 pm Great Vespers (served by the rector, Igumen Vladimir Tobin)

Bishop Ire'ne'e's arrival is expected around 7:30pm (subject to flight delays). Upon his arrival, we'll have a potluck dinner and conversation with the the Bishop. Those intending to come, please bring one dish or a drink.

Sunday, January 18, 2015, Eve of Theophany

10:00 am: Hours and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

12:30 pm: Blessing of Water (please bring clean containers to take holy water home)

After the service we'll have a potluck lunch. Eve of Theophany is a strict fast. We ask you to bring one *LENTEN* dish (no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products) or a drink.

Monday, January 19, 2015, Feast of Theophany

The services will be held at the Hermitage of the Annunciation in New Germany (one hour and a half drive from Halifax - see driving directions here). Goose Chase Rd, where the monastery is located, is slippery. The lane to the monastery is sanded, but please use care and drive slowly.

7:00 am: Matins

9:00 am: Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great

At the end of the liturgy: Blessing of Water at the pond of St. Silouan.

Then, a potluck meal to celebrate the Feast (please bring a dish - NO MEAT, please - or a drink).

Waiting for you!


Дорогие прихожане!

В эти выходные состоится визит преосвященнейшего Иренея, епиского Оттавского и всея Канады в Галифакс. Приглашаем вас на наши службы:

Суббота, 17 января 2015

18:00: Великая Вечерня (служит настоятель, игумен Владимир Тобин)

Прибытие Владыки Иренея ожидается в 19:30 (если не будет задержки рейса). По его прибытии состоится праздничный ужин и беседа с Владыкой. Тех, кто собирается прийти, просим принести с собой одно блюдо или напитки.

Воскресенье, 18 января 2015, сочельник Богоявления

10:00: Часы и архиерейская Божественная Литургия св. Иоанна Златоуста

12:30: Освящение воды

По окончании службы - праздничный обед. Сочельник Богоявления - строгий пост. Просим принести с собой одно *ПОСТНОЕ* блюдо (без мяса, рыбы, яиц и молочных продуктов) или напитки.

Понедельник, 19 января 2015, праздник Богоявления

Службы пройдут в Благовещенской Пустыни ("Hermitage of the Annunciation") в Нью Джермани (в полутора часах езды от Галифакса - см. адрес здесь:

7:00: Утреня

9:00: Божественная Литургия св. Василия Великого

По окончании литургии: Освящение Воды в пруду прп. Силуана.

После службы - праздничная трапеза. Просим принести одно блюдо (*БЕЗ МЯСА*) или напитки.

Ждем вас!

January 10, 2015

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

The celebration of the feast of Nativity continues!

Sat Jan 10: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Jan 11: Hours and Liturgy followed by parish potluck 10:00 am

Don't forget next week His Grace Bishop Ire'ne'e will be visiting us. Further details to come.

Reminder: During this lovely time of year known as winter in Canada, bad weather can happen at any time. Please check your email during weekends in case there are last-minute updates to the service schedule due to storms.

Parish calendars: The 2015 calendars are for sale now. We have English-only and English+Russian church calendars with service and contact information for our parish. Suggested price is $10. Please put the money in the envelopes marked with "calendar".

January 3, 2015

Sunday of the Holy Fathers
Sat Jan 3: Readers Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Jan 4: CANCELLED due to weather forecast.

For those who were scheduled for confession tonight, please come Monday evening, January 5. Father Vladimir will be at church by 6:00 pm. Please come as soon after 6:00 as possible, as Fr. Vladimir would like to end confessions by 7:30-8:00 pm.

The Sunday before the Nativity of the Lord is known as the Sunday of the Holy Fathers. On this day the Church commemorates all those who were well-pleasing to God from all ages, from Adam to St Joseph the Betrothed of the Most Holy Theotokos, those who are mentioned in the geneology of Luke 3:23-38. The holy prophets and prophetesses are also remembered today, especially the Prophet Daniel and the three holy youths (December 17).

Feast of the Nativity of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ:

Tuesday Dec 6 9:00 pm - Vigil followed by pot-luck meal downstairs

Parish calendars: The 2015 parish calendars will be in church today. We have English-only and English+Russian church calendars with service and contact information for our parish. Suggested price is $10. Please put the money in the envelopes marked "calendar" or place in envelope and write "calendar" on it.

Upcoming episcopal visit: His Grace, Bishop Ire'ne'e, will be with us for the feast of Theophany. Further details to come.


St.Vladimir Orthodox Church, 629 Purcell's Cove Road, Halifax NS, (902) 982-3759

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